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World Peace Promoting Helpless People Organization NGO West Bengal and Pune, India is a charitable organization that has two locations in Central India. One is based in West Bengal, India and the other, miles away in Pune, India.

Our purpose is to change the world with kindness. Starting locally, the plan is to eventually branch out worldwide and provide hope for a better future to the hopeless.

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The Poorest Of The Poor
July 26, 2017

Poverty is the Biggest Crime in the World. The world’s poorest populations are more or less above the range of 300 million. The People of West Bengal, India and Pune, India are some of the worlds poorest people and suffer from the most severe instances of poverty, are hunger stricken and homeless.

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About Our Organization

WPPHPORG is a non-profit non-denominational organization.

"WPPHPORG eyes seeing through the lens
Sharing images and faces as they emerge
The body of humanity in existence
Do we have the right to accept? or change what matters most?

We are seeking humanity in your heart
Seeking compassion in who will stand and work
Along with us as our brothers and sisters
As we weep of tears for those in need
For our heart cannot endure
Their pain of hope in their eyes

Let us open your senses heart and feel what their life is
Under the life of suffering
See their joy as we do in your heart when compassion gives
To their life as it begins to heal with hope

Then maybe you will begin to understand .....

written by World Peace Promoting Helpless People Organization NGO West Bengal member Angeline Filoteo to give understanding of what our group's goals are .....

One of our co-founders walks among the people capturing the daily struggle of life among the poor in India. Using these images to represent as a guide to understanding the need of many around the world. Poor and suffering knows no boundaries of color, culture or country as its universal.

But he also is capturing images of people helping each thru the struggles. Showing thru compassion and kindness the face of joy and hope we can give by reaching out to help those in need.

Understanding the joy is a shared emotion by all involved. There is no greater gift to yourself we have found than thru helping others. Joy, lightness of heart cannot be fully explained as you need to experience it to understand....

Join us in this great journey of bringing peace and ease of suffering to many around the world....click our links on page read our stories and see images

#LetUsChangeTheWorldTogether #EaseSufferingOfPoverty

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